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Happy New Years from Rio de Janeiro!

January 1, 2011 by Chelsea Slone

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Happy New Years from Rio de Janeiro! New Years Eve in Rio is the second biggest celebration of the year, second to Carnival. And when this city celebrates… There is no messing around. This year their celebration was said to host somewhere around three million people!

Around four pm all streets near the beach are blocked off and all restaurants, except for the finest dining who host their own celebration, close for the night. Most restaurants will open a kiosk on the beach solely for the celebration, while some even rope off seating for private parties. All of the beach front streets are filled with vendors selling food, drinks, flowers, and much more for more miles than you can even see or walk. It’s like bikes blues and BBQ in Fayetteville, but no bikes just Brazilians from all over.

Samba is the typical Brazilian music and performance style which can be seen in local Samba clubs around the city. However, the clubs are just practice for the two main events in which they prepare, New Years eve and Carnival. Enormous amphitheaters are set up in a few different locations in the beach, several miles apart.

As a tradition for good luck and prosperity everyone wears white. With the thousands of people we saw there wasn’t a sole dressed in any other color… We of course abided by the rules! Moments before midnight everyone runs out to the beach together to pop champagne when the clock strikes and the fireworks begin. The firework display is not only beautiful on the beach but it also lasts around thirty minutes and every direction you looked up and down the beach was showered with sparks. It was truly one of the best New Years of our lives!

Now on to our next stop, Santiago, Chile.


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