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Iguazu Falls

February 2, 2011 by Chelsea Slone

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Our time in Iguazu was short and sweet, and all about the Falls… so I will make this post the same! But first I must share a little bump we had along the way. In case you did not know there are two airports in Igauzu, one flying into Brazil and another flying into Argentina. We were fully aware of this after researching for our trip, and decided we would like to stay on the Argentinean side. Thus flying in to the Argentinean airport. We board our flight as normal booked through One World, with the airport screen saying “Iguazu”. It wasn’t until half way through this five hour flight when the flight attendants began to pass out the custom forms with REPUBLIC OF BRAZIL written in bold did we realize we were flying into Brazil, not Argentina. (PANIC) How far are the airports away from each other? Is there even a bus to get to the other side tonight? Its going to be 8:30 pm when we land!!! OMG we have transportation pre scheduled from the airport in Argentina, I’ve got to get a hold of them too! As we get off the plane and stand in the long customs line we are doing everything we can to get a signal on our phone. Moving around as much as we possibly could, holding the phone in the air… No luck, not a chance! So we just look at one another, stand ad patiently as we can in the line both thinking… We are really screwed this time! We make it through customs grab our bags and right as we finish developing our contingency plan we see a man holding a sign saying “Chelsea Slone”. Our eyes got so big, and I literally try to hug the guy as if it were my best friend I hadn’t seen in months. We immediately asked him how he figured it out, we couldn’t get an answer with the tiny bit of English he spoke, but it didn’t matter. We were safe! If that’s not a guardian angel I don’t know what is…

(As you can imagine we were a little upset with One World after this debacle. After a little research and some phone calls we got to the bottom of it. Apparently we had originally booked the flight to Argentina, which was a boost to our self-competence, and then at some point LAN, the South American equivalent to American Airlines, changed the flight to Brazil for whatever reason. However it all worked out, but definitely the two AA vouchers we received for our troubles will help us get over the situation.)

Now for the Falls! There are two areas to view the amazing falls in Iguazu, the Argentinean side and the Brazilian side. Thankfully we planned to spend one day on each side, as they were both gorgeous in their own unique ways. 

Iguazu Falls are the second largest falls in the world, after Victoria Falls in Africa. Iguazu is 269 feet tall and 1.7 miles wide, but split into approximately 275 individual falls. The mouth of the falls, known as The Devil’s throat, is one of the most impressive parts. The U-shaped throat is an outstanding four hundred and ninety feet wide and twenty three hundred feet tall, creating the border between Argentina and Brazil. 

The Brazilian and Argentinean sides of the falls present two completely different views. The Argentinean side being up close and personal, while the Brazilian side gives you a complete panoramic view. We spent an entire day exploring the Argentinean side filled with many jungle paths and small water falls throughout the park. The only thing that would stop you from spending multiple days in this beautiful side of the park is the humidity. We wandered through every nook and cranny of the park all the way up to the Devils throat, which was absolutely astonishing. It might be the place you have to get soaked to see, but the mouth of this huge waterfall was just breathtaking. The Brazilian side of panoramic views could make you weak at the knees. The beauty of seeing it all from afar was just stunning. Both sides are individual experiences that truly can’t be  compared, seeing both is just the only way to really experience all of the beauty Iguazu Falls has to offer. 



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