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Vienna – Symphony of Schnitzels, Strudels, and Schnapps

August 7, 2011 by Chelsea Slone

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Vienna is a classical music masterpiece and an architectural wonder. The gorgeous Opera House and stunning Schoenbrunn Palace are a perfect back drop to everything this city holds. And while it can first appear to be just another beautiful eastern European city, all the many unique areas surrounding the historic center gives the city of Vienna a little bit more flavor than the rest of them. Being the Austrian capital, Vienna embraces all the traditional characteristics of Roman foundations, gothic and baroque architecture, but it also does well with combination of trendy nightlife and soho style funk.

Serious music lovers have long considered Vienna paradise, as you will encounter music everywhere….Street musicians practicing as you stroll or the sound of the nightly concerts linger throughout the wee hours. No other city has been home to so many composers of international renown such as Schubert, Strauss, Mozart, and Beethoven. And let me tell you, I have little passion for classical tunes, but this place will show you an appreciation for a symphony like you’ve never had before.

I’ve always heard winter in Vienna is gorgeous and romantic and with their heavy food I can why it may be better time for the local food, but I don’t see how it can’t beat their summer music film festival in Rathaupaltz Square. Every night large groups of locals and music lovers gather around this huge square where an oversized screen is hung from the beautiful Town Hall building Playing all of the famous State Opera performances from the previous season. Delicious gourmet food stands are set up for people to come and socialize and enjoy the gorgeous weather. I am not by any means in love with classical music, but this energetic setting made for a great night.

To complete our musical ventures through Vienna we also went to see a live Symphony preform Mozart’s 25th. Unfortunately the famous Vienna State Opera House was closed until September, but we were lucky enough to catch an authentic rendition at the Muzikverein Opera House. This show included original wigs and costumes. We admit it was a little touristy, but we couldn’t miss out on such an unique opportunity.

Classical music wasn’t all we did in Vienna, we of course had to visit their amazing outdoor food market, Naschmarkt, which just happened to be located near a trendy shopping district too! My two favorite things, of course I couldn’t resist. Culinary culture is an integral part or the life that has distinguished Vienna for centuries. Vienna cuisine is perhaps the only cuisine in the world that is named for a city and not a country. It has been influenced by many countries throughout the past ten years, and could explain why it is so well liked. While traveling through Europe it’s interesting to visit all of the different food markets and compare…. Because as we all know it’s something they do pride themselves in after all. Vienna’s market was one of the best! It reminded me of a smaller version of the market in Munich. It had the best of everything from everywhere … mangos you last saw at the markets in Singapore, Sicilian octopus, French cheeses, and India spices. Not only did it have amazing fresh produce, but it also had the best coffee we’ve ever tasted, great balsamic vinegar, and a couple of great small seafood restaurants. We actually made our morning jogs here to enjoy the fresh juice and tasty coffee… That still counts for exercise right?

Oh and if you were wondering about the Schnitzels, Strudels, and Schnapps? It’s on every menu! We didn’t actually have any schnitzels as we had our fair share of them in Germany but we did try their amazing apple Strudels, which can’t begin to compare to the “Strudels” at home, and of course a little schnapps never hurt anyone!

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