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Venice – The Floating City

July 17, 2011 by Chelsea Slone

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Venice is a special place. Everyone uses the phrase “The Venice of Spain or India or wherever”, I myself am guilty, but it’s not until you arrive in this incredibly unique place do you give up on the comparisons and realize there is no place quite like the one and only Venice, Italy.

Imagine a little town with no cars, surrounded by water, filled with narrow cobblestone streets and small boats to take you where you want to go. Its truly amazing, and when you arrive you’ll realize you’re not the only one who feels this way. However, while it may be filled with tourists during the day when the last ferry carries the day trippers away you realize how truly peaceful and beautiful it can be.

Our trip to Venice was spent wandering around the maze of cobblestone streets trying to find our way to the Rialto Bridge and the the famous San Marco Square, but they say a trip to Venice isn’t complete if you don’t get lost at least once winding through these beautiful alleyways. Every few corners you turn walking around you’ll find yourself passing over a little bridges with gondolas moving underneath you or tied up to the sides and the locals clothing hung up on lines outside from window to window. Its like passing by a picture you’ve always seen of Venice over and over with different color boats or clothing in every scene. It’s breathtaking.

While here we also decided to take a trip over to Murano, another place I’ve always dreamed of visiting due to my passion for home decor! The little island well known for making the beautiful glass was only a short boat ride away and a perfect day trip. We were able to see the neat process for making the different glass pieces and visit several of the well known artist’s galleries.

Venice was such a unique and special place we will never forget visiting! Even though its one of the most hyped up destinations to visit , it lives up to all of it’s expectations.



Click Here to View The Photo Gallery For This Blog Post

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