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August 4, 2011 by Chelsea Slone

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The nostalgic country of Slovenia took me by surprise, wrapped me up, and pulled me in to it’s natural beauty and Fayetteville-like funkiness. And one of the best parts of this country is its size. Within only a matter of an hour or two from the capital city, Ljubljana, you can visit the country’s fascinating caves, hike through the misty mountains, or go white water rafting down one of its beautiful rivers.

We stayed in the funky city Ljubljana with a local Slovenian women, Metka, in her cozy home and explored different parts of the country during the day. The people all throughout the country were so welcoming and friendly, they created a permanent smile on your face. The city of Ljubljana was filled with great character and despite it’s size of 200,000 people, you got the unique small town vibe. I’ve never visited a city that reminded me so much of home. During the day the downtown area held a fresh food market and unique boutiques and by night it turned into a laid back but popular nightlife scene with live music, and outdoor restaurants.

There is a river running through downtown separating the main pedestrian street. The two sides are connected by the infamous Tromowtovje, or three bridges. The second two bridges were created after an earthquake in 1895, when the city was under the rule of the Austrian government. The city led the government to believe they needed money for reconstruction of the one bridge at the time, but truth be told it was never affected by the earthquake. The people of the city wanted to build more bridges, one on either side of the original, to create a unique symbol while allowing more people to cross the river at one time.

From Ljubljana we decided to drive up through the picturesque scenery of Bled and to Suca Village to go cannoning down the ice caped mountains. I was a little hesitate at first, not knowing exactly if I would enjoy repelling down waterfalls, jumping off cliffs, and sliding down the naturally created mountain slides, but after the hardcore, mini Inca Trail hike up the mountain we were dying to jump in the water and slide down the mountains. It was a great time! As you can see… Make sure you click on the movies below!!!

We also took a day trip to the Postojna Cave, which is said to be the largest cave in the “classic karst”. It has a network of 20 kilometers of passages, galleries, and chambers. They built a railway through parts of the cave in 1872 and brought electricity in 1872. The cave is filled with calcite formations, stalactites, and stalagmites abounding in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. It was amazing to make your way through 5 kilometers of the cave and see the structures and scenery change as you go through. The beauty was so unreal it almost felt as if we were walking through a cave man movie scene, but with the super cold temperatures we knew it was the real deal.

Slovenia was an unexpected treat in my book. It was a place that felt so much like home, we asked Metka if we could stay one more night, and of course she was more than happy to let us stay…. sLOVE-in it!


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One thought on “s(LOVE)nia

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