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Road Trip – Greece to Slovenia, 5 Nights & 6 Countries

August 3, 2011 by Chelsea Slone

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After our amazing trip in the Greek Isles we returned to Athens to pick up our car, see the Acroplis, eat at Milos, and get some sleep before beginning our crazy road trip up to Slovenia.

The amazing Milos Greek restaurant in NYC is one of our favorite places to eat, and we couldn’t leave Athens without having a meal at their one and only real Greek location! The food was delicious!!!

The Acroplis for a little site seeing. =)

One night in the capital of Greece and the road trip begins through Albania, Montengro, and Bosinia to reach Slovenia where we will spend a little bit of time and then continue on our tour through eastern Europe. The drive from Greece to our first destination in Gjikasotra, Albania was a little curvy at times, but beautiful, check out the video to see for yourself!!!

The little town of Gjikasotra set up on a hill and was filled with white houses and grey rooftops with a huge castle towering over them all at the top. The stacked houses sat in front of the gorgeous misty mountains and provided beautiful views of the city from the castle. The hospitality and friendliness of the people was refreshing. They all seemed grateful for tourism and an interest in their country. We stayed with a family in their guesthouse and enjoyed a home cooked Albanian meal before heading off for bed and continuing our journey the next morning.

The next morning we were off to Albania’s capital city, Tirane. The drive was absolutely horrible. Three hours turned into six and “highways” were windy pothole covered dirt roads. We passed by several bunkers remaining from the war, and nothing but a couple of gas stations for miles. We were surprised how the roads could go from decent to this trechorous. After finally making it to Tirane, our nerves were shot and we just wanted something to eat and a comfortable bed, but we did manage to walk around and explore the city before settling in for the night.

One thing we found to be interesting in Tirane was the brightly colored painted buildings scattered randomly through the city. The artistic mayor Edi Rama was behind the project to turn the city from soul shattering grey after the war to a kaleidoscope of various colors. Though some of the art was done in poor quality, the color brings a little life and happiness to this left behind city.

Overall Albania is not up to tourism in the areas we went through. However, I think if we had chosen to visit the mediterranean coastal city of Saranda or the mountainous areas of the North we might have felt different. I think with time, parts of country and the wonderful people have the potential to turn Albania into a great tourist destination.

From Tirane we drove up through the rest of Albania and into Montenegro to make our way to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Our drive along the coast of Montenegro was incredible. We were completely shocked by the sudden change in scenery and incredible limestone cliff side views of the various coastal towns. The most impressive scenery was in the town of Kotor, where we couldn’t help but to pull over at every stop to take pictures. After an hour of ohhhhing and awwweeeing our way through the country we both decided it was the most beautiful drive we had ever taken. We wanted to pull over, find a place to sleep, and stay for a week, but we knew we would regret missing out on the amazing places that were yet to come.

We made it to the beautiful town of Dubrovnik, Croatia and decided the amazing scenery hadn’t changed a bit from Montenegro. I mean they do however, share the same coastline. The old town part of Dubrovnik was really interesting to walk through. It was surrounded by a wall, and no cars could be driven inside. In fact, most of the cobblestone streets were too narrow to fit even a smart car. Welcome to Europe. However, the wall was different from others I had previously mentioned in Italy, because you could climb to the top of it and walk around the entire thing looking down on old town and out upon the gorgeous coastline. We made it just in time for the night to begin. The streets were filled with live music and al fresco dining spots. We managed to find a little hole in the wall leading out to a bar built into the side of a cliff where people were jumping into the water and watching the sunset with a drink in their hand. We sat down and soaked up the incredible atmosphere we had been driving for days to reach. It was that moment we realized our tour through Eastern Europe had officially begun… Next stop, Slovenia. Check out more beautiful driving footage ending our drive up the Adriatic Coast!


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One thought on “Road Trip – Greece to Slovenia, 5 Nights & 6 Countries

  1. Hi there

    I’m just starting to look into a trip in this area of the world. I have a fair bit of time off and want to do it a little slower than you have. You’re blog is amazing, and I’m sure I’ll probably end up reading a fair bit of it. I’m just wondering where you guys got your car? I’m sorry if you covered this in another post. Also, was there a reason (other than the obvious) that you avoided going through Kosovo to Macedonia? If you have time to answer my questions, that would be wonderful. If you want to email me please do. I hope you’re enjoying your time at home.

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