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Pretty & Picturesque – Sirmione

July 10, 2011 by Chelsea Slone

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Fresh off the plane in Zurich, we gathered Tyler’s Mom and headed to the beautiful little town of Sirmione which is located on Lake Garda in northern Italy. The slender peninsula surrounded by water and filled with ancient fairytale castles lined with a moat full of swans provides incredible picturesque scenes. The narrow cobblestone streets and mom and pop shops fill the small town with unforgettable charm and Italian love.

Lake Garda is the largest of the celebrated Italian lakes, and aside from its size it is also known for it’s dramatic landscape and towering mountains surrounding the lake. Sirmione is one of, if not the most beautiful town to visit on Lake Garda. Everything about this quaint town is unique, beginning with the way you enter. Not just anyone can visit the town by car, your name must be on the list when you arrive at the guarded gates marking the entrance. The only way to get your name on the list is by booking one of the few hotels on the peninsula or by residency, and the second you pass through the gates it makes complete sense. There is only one main street through the center of the narrow peninsula, which is used by pedestrians as much or more than by cars. The slender shape is another unique aspect. While it could take thirty minutes to walk the entire length, it couldn’t take more than three minutes to walk the width or to the water.

Sirmione has a little sightseeing and lots of history with its old castles, Roman Ruins and Villa Romana, the old villa of the famous poet Catullus. However in my opinion the best way to enjoy this gorgeous place is to walk around the scenic edges of the peninsula and take in the magical views, eat the incredible gelato, and shop through the boutiques. A visit to the beautiful Italian lakes would not be complete without a stroll around this picturesque peninsula.



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