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If I had a Sunday in Paris …

November 7, 2011 by Chelsea Slone

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I would get up a little later than usual but not too late, slip on something I don’t mind walking in all day long and set out for my perfect Sunday at either…

The Gardens at Versailles walking around all day soaking in the gorgeous landscape and stunning fountains while enjoying a warm crusty baguette with a little formage et jambon while I let time pass me by or…

Visit my Favorite Parisian antique market at the Les Puces de Saint-Ouen. This well known marche at the Porte de Clingingcourt just so happens to be the largest antique market in the world, and worth the hours you can spend exploring. Getting there in the morning before the after lunch crowds arrive in is my Les Puces secret to success. I’ll sit down to enjoy a café crème on the main street, Rue des Rosiers, while watching the vendors open up and the little alleyways come alive.

Since there are several little markets each with their own unique personality within Les Puces, I’ll begin by walking down Rue des Rosiers visiting each of my favorite markets as I come to them. My first stop will be at Marche Malassis where I’ll will make my way to the first few little shops on left side where one of my favorite and well respected dealers sells all sorts of amazing little treasures. His collection of antique crystal and jewelry boxes are to die for. It might take a lot a savings to actually make a purchase here, but the quality of these little treasures is far above what you will find anywhere else.

After leaving my little treasures I’ll stroll through Marche Dauphine for a little window shopping, before heading across the street to a little black and while art deco looking shop filled with the most incredible Chanel necklaces. Ill say my polite Bonjour Monsieur’s but I wont hold my breath for a response as these two men like their cigarettes too much to ever say their Bonjour’s back. Once I’m finished imagining what it would be like as a movie star in the 20’s wearing a different one of these necklaces with every dress I will force myself out of the door and on to the next marche.

That’s when I’ll find myself entering the famous Marche Biron, my favorite street in all of Les Puces. I think this maybe because when I was younger and spent a couple weeks in Paris with my family, this is the only street of the market I could vividly remember. In fact before I found out it was the largest antique market in the world, I thought Marche Biron WAS the antique market. But when you take a walk down here you will see why it was all I remembered. It’s antique paradise. One store is filled with gaudy gilded bronze antiques and huge crystal chandeliers, the next is filled with oversized vintage posters hung on every inch of wall in mint condition, the next store has a bronze box so big you know it had to have been King Louis’ himself. The key to visiting this market is if you want to walk in and ask for the price of anything, is you keep a straight face no matter what ridiculous number they throw at you… Because let me tell you this market is for the big boys not the little girls like me! =) So when they say 120,000 euros, I say ok let me think about it I just don’t know if I have a place for it at the moment… Or is that for the pair?

After leaving the museum market I’ll head to two markets which are practically one, Marche Serpette and Marche Paul Bert, which are my personal favorite markets in Les Puces. I could spend all day here! They have everything from art to furniture, mirrors, vintage luggage, clothing, jewelry, shoes and more! This is is where I’ll spend most of my day wondering around and soaking it all in, making friends with the vendors, and stopping for a cup of tea or an afternoon kir royal at the lively cafe in the outdoor section of the market to complete my perfect Sunday in Paris at the Les Puces Saint-Ouen.

Au Revoir!


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