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Budapest – Bridging the Past with the Present

August 5, 2011 by Chelsea Slone

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The gorgeous Hungarian city of Budapest was another eastern European treat with its romantic Danube river views, incredible baroque architecture, and delicious nearby wine regions. Even though it rained throughout most of our visit, we didn’t let that keep us from strolling down the several pedestrian streets, wandering through their fabulous food markets, and spending nights down by the beautiful river.

Visiting a city, or country, with old Soviet communism connections wasn’t anything new at this point. Driving through the former Yugoslavia gives you a very fresh reminder of the conflicts that were experienced when we were children. However, what makes Budapest special is the history, architecture, and food. Strolling down the street you will still experience an occasional reminder of this countries darker days, but it is ever clear that they are moving forward and capturing the hearts of tourist everywhere.

Budapest is split into two parts by the Danube river; Buda, the hilly west bank and Pest, the flat commercial east bank. The Chain Bridge is one of the most beautiful points in all of Budapest. It was the Hungarian capitals first bridge. The twilight view of this amazing bridge with the castle is the backdrop is an amazing scene you won’t forget!

The gastronomic life in Budapest has supposedly been on the rise the past few years, and it shows. The enormous food market isn’t the average European city’s market. The market is housed in a gorgeous baroque style building and is filled with abundance of their paprika and goose liver delicacies along with the traditional fresh fruits, vegetables, pastries, and cured meats.

We took a day trip from Budapest to visit the Tokaj wine region, known for their delicious desert wines. It was such a neat experience and very different from the other wineries we have previously visited this year with all of the small boutique wineries and very few large producers. The region itself has been declared a world heritage site, and it’s claim to fame is the origin of the Tokaji aszu wine, which is the world’s oldest boyryized wine. Tyler and I had a wonderful visit to the Gizella Pince winery. The small family owned winery produces seven different wines in the natural cellars of their home. The cellar itself was like looking at a picture in a magazine, and the sweet wines were even better than the setting.

Tyler and I really enjoyed driving through the country of Hungary and spending time in it’s beautiful capital, Budapest. Now were off to the home of classical music, Vienna!


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