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A Santorini Sundowner

August 1, 2011 by Chelsea Slone

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The stunning Greek island of Santorini might be one of my favorite places in all of the world. The dramatic scenery, azure waters, and brilliant sunsets make this place paradise in my book.

Santorini is a small volcanic island, making it easy to visit all the unique areas it has to offer. The island is famous for it’s breathtaking sunsets and the best place to watch one of these famous sundowners is in Oia. Oia and Fira are truly the most beautiful and most photographed places on the island. The white washed cliffside dwellings overlooking the gorgeous blue waters of the Aegean are really as picturesque as you see in the photos. No touchups here people! You really honestly feel like you’re walking through a Greek Island calendar.

There are some other really neat things to do in Santorini, like visiting the red and white beaches, which are said to be very different from the rest of the black beaches around the island. The old town of Thira, which was the original name of Santorini, is a place you can visit only by foot or donkey and see the ancient ruins, basicilla, and houses. We probably should have done all of these things, but we chose to skip the touristy ventures here and spend time relaxing in the sun, eating delicious fresh fish, and watching the beautiful sundowners, which is worth a trip in itself.

The delicious Greek food was such a treat. With our love for seafood, we really enjoyed the amazing fresh fish they have. However, we did enjoy some other local specalities…

Kleftiko, which is slow cooked lamb with carrots, onions, tomatoes, and potatoes cooked in a paper pouch.

Baklava, a rich sweet pastry made with honey, nuts, and thin layers of dough.

The Greek yogurt, was to die for. It tastes nothing like what we eat at home. I could live on it!

Tzatziki, a dill and cumcumber yogurt dip.

Stuffed vine leaves. Another favorite, but you can actually get these just as good at home.

Santorini is a special place, and one that I hope I can someday return. It has a great laid back culture, amazing fresh seafood, breathtaking scenery, and the tourist attractions to keep everyone happy. Having had traveled for approximately 35 hours to get to this destination including a 6 hour car ride across the country of Italy, a 20 hour boat ride across the Adriatic Sea, another 4 hour car ride across the country of Greece, and lastly an hour long flight over the Greek Isles you can understand our lackadaisical time spent in this amazing island.

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One thought on “A Santorini Sundowner

  1. Oh , man, that yogurt looks divine!!!  My mouth is watering!!!  A friend’s daughter and husband honeymooned in Santorini a few years ago and adored it!  Looks so romantic.  Love you- Susan

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