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Phi Phi Island

March 20, 2011 by Chelsea Slone

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The stunning beaches of Thailand soar to the top of the list when it comes to places to visit in this incredible country. Whether floppy hat or baseball cap southern Thailand has a beach for every personality and occasion.

Our Thailand beach experience began on the Phi Phi Island. Known as the island superstar of Thailand, this place isn’t just Hollywood worthy it truly has been said to be the home of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The only way to visit this incredible island is by boat, and once you arrive it remians your only form of transportation around the island. The Phi Phi Island is home to two separate islands, Phi Phi Don, without one single road on the island and Phi Phi Leh considered true tranquility without a single inhabitant. There are two ferries making the trip daily, one in the morning and afternoon. The tropical waters and the beauty of the islands along the way make this two hour trip fly by with breathtaking scenery. As we began to get closer to Ton Sai, the main pier, the beauty of the towering island cliffs were even more alluring with detail. We got off the ferry to explore the Ton Sai area before catching a long tail boat to the area of Phi Phi where we were staying. Filled with rows of little beach hut bars, restaurants, and shopping Ton Sai is the most popular destination of the island. Appealing to the younger lively beach go-ers, this is the place where techno music and beach parties never end.

There are a told of six beaches in Koh Phi Phi; Tonsai Village, Lon Dalum, Tonsai East, Tonsai West, Long Beach, and Leam Tong beach. Each beach is located in a different area of the island giving you the chance to see e beauty of the island in whatever style you prefer. In lue of a little relaxation from the liveliness in Chiang Mai we decided to stay on Leam Tong Beach. So after exploring Ton Sai we took a long tail boat ride about twenty minutes to the northern part of Phi Phi Island. As I mentioned before the only form of transporation on the island is by boat. Cars and motorcycles are strictly banned here. In order to get around you can either choose to hire a ride from the long tail boats or speed boats. The long tail boats are much cheaper and of course are a part of the ambience of the island. When arriving at Leam Tong Beach the turquoise waters just above the coral, white sand, and gorgrous palm trees were even more beautiful than we had imagined. The secluded beach was filled with wooden long tail boats and wide open sandy beaches. It was almost as if it wasn’t real and you were just on the set of a movie waiting for someone to say “cut” and switch to the next scene. But as we arriving and stepped off the boat into the water, the unbelieveable beauty became reality.

A visit to Phi Phi Island isn’t complete unless you hire a boat to do a little bit or a lot of island hopping to the uninhabited island of Phi Phi Leh. With the gorgeous coral and diverse ecosystem scuba diving and snorkeling through the islands are one of the most popular things to do here. Maya Bay, known to be the top tourist attraction of Phi Phi since the “The Beach” was filmed there in 1999, is possibly the most stunning island of them all. The picturesque bay is perfection with a combination of the silky white sand and crystal clear turquoise water being sheltered by towering high cliffs on three sides. The best way to describe a visit to this amazing place, is like jumping into a scene of a postcard, it’s unreal. Phi Leh Bay is very close to Maya Bay, it’s actually even on the way. The best part about this place is it’s nearly just as beautiful as Maya Bay, but a fraction as popular, making it an ideal place to take in the beauty without a crowd taking away from it. Another exciting day trip we took was to Monkey Beach. The narrow beach will nearly disappear in high tide, but if you get there early enough you will actually get to the reason to it’s name… It’s filled with monkeys! They really are everywhere, and the trees perfect for them to swing around on all morning. They will be happy if you toss them a banana, but get to close and they will bite!

After a week of island hopping through the gorgeous scenery and catching up on some much needed sleep we were anxious to get going again. It was an absolute perfect place to recharge our batteries and get ready for the chaos of our next destination… India!

Sawasdee Ka,


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2 thoughts on “Phi Phi Island

  1. Any suggestions on places to stay in Phi Phi? We are in the beginning phases of planning a trip in 2014….I love the idea of a bungalow on the beach….

    Happy to discover your blog!!

    Holly Rowell
    Haddonfield, NJ

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