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Singapore – A Stroll Down Orchard Road

April 11, 2011 by Chelsea Slone

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The city state of Singapore located in Southeast Asia is know to be one of the most prosperous countries in the world. This hustling metropolitan area is filled with modern skyscrapers, tasty food, great shopping, and vibrant nightlife. The affluent city has a medley of Chinese, Indian, and Malay influences with year around tropical climate. Singapore holds the reputation of being one of the safest cities in the world with a squeaky clean surface. And while some might consider it to be just another big city with little cultural experiences, Singapore was exactly what we needed after spending a couple of weeks in the exhausting country of India.

When first arriving in Singapore we were stunned by the beauty and cleanliness of the entire city. Beautiful greenery and flowers bloom along the roads of the main highway as well as throughout the inner city. The beauty and cleanliness is not by accident, the country has gone to extreme measures to to maintain this status. For example it is illegal to chew gum without a prescription, jay walking will send you to jail, littering will cost you at the least five hundred dollars, racist comments will also result in a fine, and for drug trafficking punishment in Singapore is the death penalty. Many countries have strict laws, but there is no place reinforcing them as much as Singapore. You can even see the police wearing shirts that say “Low crime is not no crime”.

There are wide income and wealth differences just as everywhere else in the world, but here their country is more differentiated in culture than in class. Singaporeans commonly joke about the five goals they have in life, the four C’s… Car, condominium, credit card, club membership, and career. Employment rate has long been below three percent and education is of very high importance.
The official language in Singapore is English, but seeing as the citizens mix off Chinese, Malay, and Tamil the common name for the language they actually speak is Singlish.

During our time in Singapore we visited the botanical gardens to see the beautiful orchid gardens. The one hundred and forty year old, fifty two hectare gardens are considered a revered horticultural masterpiece. In the hustling modern city the park was a beautiful escape feeling miles away from civilization. One of the most popular areas of the park and our favorite was the three hectare orchid garden is filled with over two thousand different types and colors of the beautiful orchid flower.

A trip to Singapore isn’t complete without a day on Orchard Road. The luxury shopping facilities, modern high rise buildings, and fine dining restaurants make this one road an easy place for the hours of the day to fly by. Locals bands and various events take place on the wide sidewalks keeping you entertained when you’ve had enough of the shopping scene.

The charming Marina Bay was the place to be in the evenings. With incredible restaurants, stunning views of the beautifully lit Esplanade Bridge, and lively cocktail bars you could spend hours enjoying the fascinating city nights.

Singapore was the perfect place to spend a few days recharging our batteries. The amazing restaurants and big city atmosphere made it a perfect place to spend a fun couple of days.

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