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Shanghai – The Metro of China

April 27, 2011 by Chelsea Slone

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Shanghai, located in the far eastern part, is the most developed and populated city in mainland China. The European architecture lining the famous Bund, and the well known Pudong skyline are two reason alone to visit this modern city. However it may not be Beijing, but the Chinese culture here is anything but lacking character.

Shanghai’s must eat food are the incredible dumplings. These soup like flavor bursting dumplings are among the best you will ever taste. Unlike dumplings in the rest of the world you have to use a spoon to eat these. First you must break open the side of the dumpling to prevent the flavorful juice from scalding your mouth, and once it’s cooled down, add a touch of dark vinegar and then take a bite of the most delicious dumpling you will have ever tasted. Delish!

Ever since the 1990s, Shanghai’s government set out for several strategies to attract foreign investments. The most successful strategies they launched was opening up the Pudong, which was once a very rural area of shanghai. Now the Pudong is a business center many countless from all over envy.

The famous Bund is lined with historic shikumen houses. These houses are Chinese style with a European flair, and are well known around the world for their Art Deco.

Luckily we were in Shanghai during the cherry blossom festival in Gucun Park, the largest suburban park in Shanghai. There was over 10,000 cherry blossom trees from 20 different varieties, with some trees being over 50 years old.

The local markets in Shanghai were not the average crazy food stands, they were actually more like a local pet shop. The tiny alleyways were filled with crickets to sell for good luck racing, birds in cages, and tiny chicks packed in big boxes. It was madness, but definitely something to see.

Visiting the Chinese antique markets may not be like visiting the Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen in Paris, however it was still quite amazing to see the unique cloisonné pieces. The Chinese detail and style of work found in the cloisonné is something that can’t be found in the work done today, they are incredible pieces of work.

Shanghai was definitely a place to see, even if just for the incredible skyline and amazing dumplings. With a common goal to be the largest and most prosperous city in the east Shanghai is another one of those big cities you just don’t want to miss!

Zai Hui,


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One thought on “Shanghai – The Metro of China

  1. Is there such a dumpling that can beat the ones from China Town in NYC?! It’s 1 am and you just made me crave asian food so badly!

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