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Rio De Janeiro – Barra Da Tijuca

December 29, 2010 by Chelsea Slone

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As we took off from Dallas last night I looked down at all of the city lights, and my stomach was filled with knots knowing it was our final look at the United States for quite some time. It was a feeling I had never had before and I could tell by Tyler’s face he felt the same. However, the moment we stepped off the plane into Rio de Janeiro every single nervous feeling we had vanished. I think for a second we got caught up in saying all our goodbyes and forgot what it felt like to go to a new place, experience a different culture, and try food we’ve never seen. Not only were the knots gone…they turned into butterflies.

You know when you read a book then go to see the movie, and leave disappointed because the book is always better? Well, no matter what I read to prepare for a trip when I arrive at the destination I am always astounded my the magnificence of the place. Without a doubt Rio de Janeiro was even more astonishing than I had imagined. A book cant describe the plushness you see here, the way the beaches appear with the funky kiosks every twenty feet, or the relaxed culture and attitudes of the people. I won’t be able to describe it either, but I’ll do my best!

As we drove into Barra da Tijuca, the area of Rio which we are staying, we saw gorgeous mountains peaking out from behind the fog caused by the rain that day, and right in front of the mountains were the gorgeous sandy beaches with water so refreshingly blue you couldn’t wait to get in. The plush green grass and trees all around us definitely reminded us we’re in Amazon country.

By the beaches sit little retail stands they call kiosks. They are funky and unique selling things such as a fresh whole coconut with a straw inserted in the fruit to drink the juice. If you haven’t had fresh coconut juice it is really refreshing, lightly sweet, but very natural tasting. Not to mention it’s amazing for you. The kiosks also sell food which is mostly fried cod, shrimp, and salami.

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