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One Year Two Discover

December 27, 2010 by Chelsea Slone

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I was four years old boarding a plane to San Diego, California with my parents, and my mom had dressed me in my animal print romper with a matching bow and suitcase with my name on it, of course. The weather was horrible that day, and my mom was terrified as the plane shook from the horrible turbulence. She still says it was a miracle we made it safely there that day… but the only thing I can remember from the trip were the pink flamingos I discovered for the first time at the San Diego zoo. Ever since, my curiosity has exploded to venture to new places and discover the
“pink flamingos” of the world.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.

Saint Augustine

Well here I am today 19 years later beginning a blog to keep family and friends updated as Tyler and I travel around the world for one year as a NEWLY ENGAGED couple!!! Our passion for traveling and love for New York City is what brought us together from day one… but never in our
wildest dreams did we think we would be heading out of the country two and a half years later to share this amazing experience together. The idea that we will be living out of ONE bag in over 35 countries with no permanent home or car for an entire year is still so amazingly surreal I have no idea when the reality of it all will set in. (Probably in one hour when we board our flight to the first destination… Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!) If you haven’t already noticed our website isn’t quite done yet. Oops! Our goal is to have it completely finished by the time we arrive in Rio tomorrow morning. As I’m sure you can imagine life has been pretty insane trying to get everything done before leaving for a year, however we apologize for the delay. Our itinerary and e-mail updates will be up and working tomorrow also, don’t forget to sign up! The e-mails will only alert you when we have new posts, so we won’t drive your inbox crazy. We will update our site with pictures taken my Tyler and blog posts written by myself at least once a week! We are excited to arrive in Brazil and begin sharing our journey with you.

Let the fun begin! Until then,

T + C

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